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This drawing is good. First, the design is pretty neat. We see the lines erased, but it was just a sketch what you did. Then it's origi...

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I lost a lot of money. But do you want me to start doing a commission summary ? 

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2GGC: MkLeo Saga

Sun Nov 5, 2017, 6:35 AM
My summary on this tournament Sm4sh :

- Recall :

This scene will honor to MkLeo, as well as some Mexican players. Ranked in S+, it's a tournament not to be missed for the best players in the world.

Before that, the first place between ZeRo and Salem continues to emerge. However, advantage to ZeRo who has won some tournaments before.

- Top 8 :

 - Tweek (1st) :
Forgotten the underperformance after his last win in a tournament a few months ago. By scoring against Dabuz, snatching the win against MkLeo and confirming against KEN, he's the second player to win a S + ranked tournament after Salem at EVO 2017.

 - KEN (2nd) :
Back by far after his defeat against Lima in Pools, he managed to clear against T, Raito, Elegant, Captain L, Larry Lurr, Dabuz and Nairo. He even took revenge against Lima and won hard against MkLeo. However for him, the Bayonetta are still there to bring him back to earth.

 - MkLeo (3rd) :
It never smiles for everyone who presents their current Saga. Especially during his Finals. If he couldn't manage to win Doubles with Javi (it was fair enough), he lost against Tweek in Winners Final and then against KEN in Losers Final. And very little (twice 2-3). Maybe using Meta Knight against them wasn't a good idea or almost, having even confirmed his difficulties against the superheavies (usually Bowser and Donkey Kong).

 - Nairo (4th) :
Having lost against Tweek before the Top 8, he had made an epic match against Mr. R. If he easily cleared Abandango, he knew his mistakes against WaDi. His defeat against KEN is confirmed even. Nevertheless, this is his small performance in a tournament ranked S+, where he had done 5th at EVO 2017.

 - Dabuz (5th) :
The Top 8 ranked S+ wasn't his thing, ridiculed by Tweek and KEN. He tried with Alph (a kind of Olimar alterative suit) against Tweek, but it was a bad choice... And confirms his difficulties against the Sonics after losing in one Grand Final against Manny.

 - WaDi (5th) :
Small mention for the best Mewtwo main in America. If he lost against MkLeo and then against Nairo, his run on this tournament was very correct.

 - Abadango (7th) :
If he lost to MkLeo, then managed to beat Salem, he was slain by Nairo afterwards.

 - Lima (7th) :
Surprising to see him in the Top 8. This Bayonetta main however lost against WaDi and then against KEN.

- Other players :

 - Salem (9th) : ZeRo being 13th, he could have done a lot better than him. But he will eventually lose against Dabuz then Abandango. Result, he couldn't yet to take off the first place, occupied by ZeRo (he lost against ZeRo on a tournament, then he had done 5th on a tournament ranked B, ZeRo won on a tournament ranked C).

 - Larry Lurr (9th) :
He didn't manage to enter the Top 8 (lost against MkLeo then KEN). He tired with Donkey Kong against Cloud's MkLeo, in vain.

 - Mr. R (9th) :
Surprised by Elegant in Pools, he managed to overthrow Zenyou, MVD and ZeRo. He nearly beat Nairo in the epic last game.

 - ZeRo (13th) :
Disappointment for him. By losing against WaDi then against Mr. R, he gets one of the worst places, even if it's not the worst place of his career (even if I won with Nairo in Doubles).

 - Tsu- (13th) : Best Lucario main in the world,
he did his best, but Larry Lurr released him in the Bracket Winners in Pools. Kirihara blocks his passage later.

 - K9sbruce (13th) :
Special mention to K9 for making a nice run beating against Shuton, Mr. E, Marss and CaptainZack in Bracket Losers. Lost against WaDi then against Abandango.

 - Captain L (13th) : Special mention to Captain L too. The highter place for a canadian player on this tournament, as well the highter place for a Pikachu main. Lost against Salem then against KEN.

 - VoiD (17th) :
Decidedly, nothing goes for VoiD, where he lost against Lima then against Mr. R.

 - Elegant (17th) :
Small disappointment for him after making some excellent places before this tournament. Lost against Dabuz then against KEN. Saga wasn't his thing too.

 - Javi (17th) :
By taking the second place in Doubles with MkLeo, he does well in Simple. A very good Mexican player lost against Mr. E then against Captain L. He nevertheless beat in extremis against Kameme.

 - HIKARU (17th) :
For his return to America, he made a nice place, only beaten by Salem and ZeRo.

 - Kameme (25th) :
Not in shape for a very good time, his place on this tournament is really confirmed. Lost against ZeRo and against Javi.

 - T (33rd) : The best Link main in the world,
he lost to Zinoto and then to KEN.

 - Mistake (33rd) :
He didn't make a good place, only beaten by Captain L then by Tsu-.

 - Shuton (49th) :
Certainly one of his worst places for the best Olimar main in the world.

 - Cosmos (49th) :
This Corrin main didn't make a pretty place too...

 - Locus (49th) : Idem for the Ryu main...

 - Aarvark (49th) :
Being a Villager main isn't easy, especially when the best hand Villager isn't present in this tournament.

 - Skylar (49th) : Not too bad for a Mr. Game & Watch main.

 - Rickels (49th) : He used Ganondorf and Cloud. Pretty good place for him.

 - Soko (49th) : A Jigglypuff secondary, use Mewtwo in general.

 - Manny (65th) :
Not easy when we won a tournament before "2GGC: MkLeo Saga"...

- Characters :

  - Top 24 :

     - 5 : Bayonetta
     - 4 : Cloud, Sheik
     - 2 : Donkey Kong, Mewtwo, Rosalina, Diddy Kong, Pikachu
     - 1 : Sonic, Marth, Zero Suit Samus, Fox, Lucario, Peach, Luigi

  - 25th : Meta Knight, Mega Man, Duck Hunt Duo, Captain Falcon, Falco
  - 33rd : Mario, Lucina, Greninja, Link
  - 49th : Ryu, Villager, Corrin, Toon Link, Mr. Game & Watch, Ness, Wii Fit Trainer, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff
  - 65th : Little Mac, Bowser, Yoshi, Pit, Lucas, R.O.B., Robin, Roy, Mii Brawler

- Bonuses :
 - No
Diddy Kong main in Top 12. 13th is his highter place in this tournament (ZeRo and K9sbruce).
 - Not Sheik main and Fox main in Top 8.
 - Meta Knight, where MkLeo used him against Tweek and against KEN,
doesn't appear in the Top 8 (having narrowly lost in the Finals). Similarly for Olimar's Dabuz (against Tweek).

Conclusion :

With KEN coming from far away, a MkLeo that was not in rendezvous at the Finals, a Top 8 neither for ZeRo nor for Salem, this saga was rather rich, even if it is the best saga that I had seen.

If there are still last tournaments, Tweek has managed to prove that he's not a great player for nothing in this tournament. With a high-performance Cloud, the best Donkey Kong secondary and not a bad Bayonetta, he forgot about these poor performances in previous tournaments. GGs

Splatoon © Nintendo
Skin and art by A-queenoffairys


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Okay. I made a new commission, but it’ll be in a few days, or the weekend of this week.
My level is useless in Smash World for now. Time to train a little more.

Or not. Draw more maybe. XD
Miiverse is done, even if I quited it there is 6 mouths.
And I missed grats points on Fire Emblem Heroes when I put on Ryoma in tournament. RIP my Top 1000.
6th on 64 in MK8D Tournament. I feel so better like that.
Sorry if I'm angry, I can't calm down so easily.
I watch the first day of Super Smash Con. Here is the livestream :

Enjoy !
(Only french.)

Je regarde sur un Twitch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Rejoingnez :
I finished Splatfest Mayo VS Ketchup. I've +2050 with Ketchup. And you ?




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